1. "Cannot unsee what has been seen!"

  2. Daaaaarghhhh!!!

  3. Ahoy Cap’n

    Some character designs I did ages ago and finally coloured sometime last year.

  4. Terripin Out!!

  8. I Smell a Rat!


  10. Raging Bull


  11. wildwolfgirl said: I like the second design. Looks really awesome. Then again they all do. 😄

    Thanks so much!

    My cousin liked that one most also and got it tattooed on his leg, though it looks a bit different from my design, I might post a photo when he’s had the colors done.


  12. Tattoo Design

    These are a few concept designs I made for my cousin a few months ago.

    He had just been promoted to head chef at a fancy restaurant and wanted something gruesome and chef inspired to get tattooed on his leg.


  13. Croco-Dude


    Been doing a little sketching practice in Flash to relearn the program for a new freelance 2D Animation gig.

    I haven’t used Flash to animate with in quite a few years now since I’ve been mainly a 3D Animator.

    This project will require around a minute of Animation, which is great since I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into 2D Animation for some time now….I’l post some of the development art and storyboards later this month or so.


  14. Random Buff Arm


    This could happen to you….no really….’Random Buff Arm’ is a rare condition for which there is no cure!!


  15. Eduardo

    Eduardo’s your everyday, average, easy going, slacker type character.